How to use Holga Pinhole Lens on Nikon D7000 DSLR

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Oct 30, 2015
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I bought a Holga Pinhole Lens for Nikon DSLR. I attached it to my Nikon D7000 as described in the manual, set my camera to Manual, and the selection wheel to S (shutter preference). Camera is switched on, lenscaps have been removed. I should be able to set the shutter time with the wheel at the back of the camera, but I can´t. Also the shutter button doesn´t work. The Holga Pinhole Lens is supposed to work with the Nikon D7000, so apparently I´m doing something wrong. But what? Who can help? Thanks!
You need to set your camera to A (or M) rather than S.
The aperture on pinhole lenses are not adjustable, so the camera can't set the aperture to match a shutter speed you select (which is what S mode is for).

I don't know about the Nikon but it may also be necessary to set an option like 'shoot without lens' to yes in the configuration menu. It tells the camera not to worry if it can't communicate with the lens and is normally one of the first things I do with a new camera.
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