1. nerwin

    My first self portrait of 2024

    I haven't done a proper self portrait where I actually put some effort into it. It's been a rough part of my photographic journey where I am having a difficult time finding the inspiration and motivation. Anyways the other day I thought of a cool idea for a self portrait that I haven't done by...
  2. O

    Number of LEDs in a lamp needed for portraiture

    Has LED technology reached the point where it can replace flash? I tried this from Amazon with what they say has 180 beads, which to the eye looked very bright but needed a very long shutter. I'm wondering if 1320 LEDs such as this light would come close to what is needed for portraiture.
  3. C

    Deciding between 85mm lenses.. help!

    I went in to my local camera store to purchase the Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 AF-S. I have been renting this lens for a while and I am so impressed by it's quality, sharpness and consistency that I was pretty dead set on it despite the hefty price tag. However, it was suggested that I consider investing...
  4. A

    Before I buy my first softbox (help needed)

    Hi guys, if you could help me with this, I would be very grateful, thank you. Wanting to take my images to the next level, I looked into softboxes and found this big beauty on ebay for €60. It's Godox 120cm/47", with grid: GODOX 120cm / 47" Octagon Softbox With Honeycomb Grid For Studio Flash...
  5. F

    Looking for training - wedding and portrait photography

    Hello, I'm looking for a training for professional photographer with a good level and a price < 2500$ To be fully honest, I'm loving the work done by Roberto Valenzuela or Jerry Ghionis but in France it's a pain to find someone giving the same level of training :icon_sad: Which...
  6. A

    Asking for photo accessory advice; visiting my girlfriend in Terrace, British Columbia in March.

    I don't get to visit my girlfriend often and I'd like to try and take some decent (or as decent as mobile phone lenses get) photos of her/us and the scenery around her town. I'll probably take some portraits of her, and some landscapes of the mountains and surrounding forestry. EDIT: I have an...

    High Key/Pure White Bkgd Issues! Help!

    Hello! I am new to the site, so bear with me if this thread exists elsewhere. I need your help! I shot a sports portrait the other day with a pure white background, lit with three lights. It turned out great. However, I was working with an awkward piece of thick, white vinyl as the background...