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    Which Powershot to buy?

    Hey everyone, I am new to this forum so I hope this is the best thread to post this! I have owned DSLR camers for years but never a point and shoot. I am currently debating between the SX 740, G7 X MK II and G9 X MK II. I've done research on reviews, comparisons, etc but it's super close to...
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    PowerShot SX220/SX230 - two flash questions

    My brother plans to get a used SX230, and I do know that flash pops up automatically on every startup, and that it lowers down on every shutdown. However... 1. If you let it pop up, and select "Flash Off" option among the flash settings, will it stay off even when it pops up on the next...
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    Filming a timelapse of a sunrise on a G7X - problem

    Hey, I'd really love your advice on this one. I set up my camera (Canon Powershot G7X) to do a timelapse on the rooftop of a building last night using this tutorial . When I watched back my footage this morning, I noticed it becomes incredibly overexposed as the sun rises, and actually...