prime lens

  1. S

    Lens for GH3 for Portraits

    Hello, I would like your advice on the best lens to purchase for my GH3 to do mainly professional portraits (and bokeh effect), but also nice events photos--I know this seems a bit general but I am on a budget so I prefer to get only one lens for now. Currently I have the one I purchased the...
  2. F

    ADVICE: Best Lens for Wedding Ceremony/Reception EOS 70D

    I am shooting my FIRST wedding for a friend soon and want to be prepared. I have the 55-250mm lens and 18-55mm lens my camera package came with. These have treated me well throughout my portrait sessions and during a few events! I am by no means a professional photographer, and the client (a...
  3. Peakapot

    have i bought cheap and paid the price?

    I have bought a Yongnuo EF 50mm f1.8 lens and the quality is awful. It never seems to focus properly and its rather obvious. Have i made the mistake of buying cheap or is it just a faulty lens. The problem is i bought it about 6 months ago and have never used it so its probably too late for a...
  4. Annaa

    What (prime) lens for portraits?

    I'm currently on the hunt for a new prime lens to use mainly for portraits. It will replace my Nikkor 35/1,8 and be a complement to a 28-75/2,8 and a 70-200/2,8. The 35/1,8 I find too wide for portraits, plus I barely use it since switching to FX since it's a DX lens. I'm using a Nikon D600...