1. R

    Silver Gelatin Printing

    How does one maintain the temperature of paper developer and fixer in a barebones home darkroom? And can one bring a print after being in the fix out into the light to get it washed in another room or will they have to stay in safelight conditions until after it's washed?
  2. R

    Print Enlarging Settings Consistency

    When I'm printing my settings are the f/8 for 9secs on Ilford MG IV RC DELUXE SATIN FINISH PAPER with a MG Filter #3, after test stripping ofc, and it was the same for a second print from a frame of the same set of negatives. Will the settings be the same too on another frame from the same set...
  3. F

    How to record information on a print (without ruining it)

    I recently started printing my own images. Sometimes I find that I want to associate some information with a print, the most obvious being the print date. I've found myself with multiple copies of the same image and trying to determine which one was the last one I printed. I don't want to do...
  4. M

    Print/DIGITAL for my photography business.

    Hello everyone! (sorry if I am not in the right thread) So I am in the process of opening up my a studio where I will be designing and also running my photography business. What I am struggling with is how to offer prints if I do not print onsite? I know it may sound silly, but I am lost...
  5. C

    Wall Prints Photography and Design Guide

    Wondering which print to choose for your favorite photos? Check out our Wall Prints Photography and Design Guide to learn the difference between some of the most popular photo prints and see which one would be right for you. Also, I would love to hear about photo prints you have used in the...
  6. B

    Photo Color different when printed

    I used a online store for some quick printing and they came back a little lighter and also with a yellow green tinge. Like the sunset should be orange and it is now yellow. I ask the printing company on what icc they use and the responce i get is the icc match the printers to the papers. Any...
  7. BoudieTog

    The big picture!

    Morning fellow photogs! First time on the forums so I can't wait to see all the amazing work and learn from everyone. My question is about prints. Large prints in particular. If I know that I want to print a 16x20 canvas, what do I need to be doing in camera to get the perfect print outcome? I...