1. TWX

    Promaster 7650 L-Bracket

    A little while ago I picked up a Promaster 7650 arca-swiss style L-bracket (L-plate) for Canon 77D, presumably also fits T7i. Got mine used from Kenmore Camera in Kenmore, Washington but only thing "wrong" was the set-screw underneath was missing and I had to source one elsewhere, for saving...
  2. Abel Hobert

    Timestamp on my SLR?

    I just found my old Promaster 2000PK Super Manual with a Promaster Spectrum 7 lens. I haven't used it in forever, but there is still film in it. I put down the hobby of photography originally because I was too young to get everything out of it, so I told myself I would wait til I was older and...
  3. I

    SLR lens being mounted on DLSR body.

    Hey all, I just recently found a Minolta (St si Maxxum) film camera, and shot a roll with it. All of my shots turned out black with white streaks through them. I know this could be a problem with light coming in through the camera somewhere or something with the mirror, but either way as of...