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    24-70 vs D750 vs D500

    Hello Everyone, this is my first time posting here so please give me a lot of responses to suggest my next big photography purchase. I will start with my current setup and Background: I now shoot on a Nikon D7000 (we are 5 years strong together). Lenses: Nikon 35mm 1.8 FX, Nikon 50mm 1.8FX...
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    What Wide/Ultrawide Lenses Would Be Best For Me?

    I currently only have a 24-60mm, and 50mm lens right now and needing a wider lens while I'm closeup in an intimate venue for live music shots along with being in close tight areas with my subject in other occasions while needing to get more background in. The only catch is it has to be a zoom...
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    New Camera

    Hey guys, I am a Student and really like travelling and meeting new people. Since I travel a lot, I click lots of pictures. I am a novice and doesn't know much about the technicalities of cameras but know little. I am looking for a budget camera (200 - 350 euros) with manual focus (basically...
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    Buying Camera today.... FUJI X100T vs. X Pro 2 vs XT1 or??? Help please

    Hi I am new here so bare with me. I am getting back into photography and was gonna get a dslr and than realized I will never bring it with me because they are so big and found out about these cameras. I was set on the t1 or 100 t but found out the X PRO 2 is coming this week. How do those...