1. S

    Microphone similar to the Rode Videomic Pro

    Recently I got the Rode Videomic Go and I had to return it because of a hissing sound that it produced with my Canon EOS 700D So far I want to buy the Rode Videomic Pro because you can almost silence the sound that comes from your camera and make the sound that is recorded by the microphone...
  2. S

    Hissing sound on Rode Videomic Go

    I've got a Rode Videomic Go and a Canon Eos 700d and when I first connected the microphone it created a hissing sound so I changed the sound recording to manual and the then moved the recording level all the way to the left and then moved it 4 spaces to the right (-dB 40). It works perfect now...
  3. Koshua

    Nikon DSLR Audio Help

    Every time I shoot video with audio (Nikon D7200), I set audio levels manually until the sound of the scene peaks out at around -12db. When I open up the file in Premiere, it sounds too quiet! Do I raise the levels and have it peak at higher than -12db? On the current mic, you can also hear a...