1. Thomas Bertson

    Looking for a Rollei 35 Repair Shop in Tokyo

    Hello, Is there any good affordable repair shop in Tokyo that can fix the rollei 35? I have contacted some but they are too expensive, I don't wanna go anywhere like above $100 to fix a wobbly lens barrel. Many thank!
  2. L

    Question about Rollei 6x7CXL

    I was online reading various postings. Saw one that states that the Rollie 6x7 CXL and Omega LPL 670MXL are the same enlarger and can take or use the same equipment? Is this true? I have a Rollie. I am looking for a 4x5 negative carrier. Omega supplies are much easier to find then Rollei...
  3. F

    Cheap lenses for Voigtlander VSL1 bayonet

    Does anyone know of decent copy lenses for vsl1 BM mount? I'm broke and cannot afford the real deal; I would very much appreciate some 35mm experts' input.