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    looking myself in the mirror.

    My attempt on a self portrait while walking the street.
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    First Self Potraits

    Hello, I'm trying to learn more portrait/studio work. This isn't something I'd ever done but was gifted a set of backdrops and stands and though might as well make some use of it. Let me know any CC. Thanks. Taken with a Sony A7ii and a 24-70mm f4 at varies focal lengths.
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    How do you take great photography of yourself?

    my aim is to take great photography with myself (the subject) in it most of the time to upload on blogs, social media, etc. I know i can mount it on tripod and then hit the remote or do a self timer but is there another easier way? for eg. say i am the swimmer. I want to take a shot of my head...
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    First Self Portrait with DSLR

    Hello everybody I bought a Nikon D3300 last month and I'm still trying to figure out all controls and light techniques etc etc I used a Nikon D3300 with kit lens + one bedroom lamp and a house light - In my gear list I have a 5-in-1 diffuser but I found no use for it here Please tell me where...