shutter release

  1. J

    Shutter cord or string pre-1900s

    Hello, all. I'm hoping you might be able to help with a question I have about pre-1900s camera shutters. Question: Before 1900, could a photographer take a photo of themselves alone (without a mirror) with a device like a shutter release cord/string or even a timed shutter? A few notes: - I...
  2. S

    Looking for a good Wireless shutter (intervalometer) for my camera

    I was spending a couple of hours to get to know difference between those 3 items, could you help me to choose the right one for a timelapse photography? Pixel tw-283 S2 Wireless Shutter Release Timer Remote Control PIXEL FSK 2.4GHz Wireless Shutter Remote Release Control AODELAN WTR2 Camera...
  3. Fujidave

    X-T2/X-T20 Shutter Release Cable

    Hi folks, any of you Fuji shooters use a shutter release cable at all, and could you say what might be a good one to use on both my Fuji X camera`s.
  4. C

    Diana Mini 35mm shutter release lever completely broken

    Hello, I am using Diana mini since few years already and I never had any problems with it. Few days ago I was taking some photos, as usual, and after pressing the lever, it broken - it is completely broken and it's impossible to stick it to the camera. Here the photos of how the camera and...
  5. S

    Do Canons Suffer from Nikon's "Error Press Shutter Release Again" Problem?

    Hello, My Nikon D3300 (well cared for and just over a year old, two weeks past warranty) has started displaying the "error press shutter release button again" message. From googling around it is apparent that this is a very common problem among Nikon cameras, with dozens of youtube videos and...