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  1. Have a great day

    Have a great day

    The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.
  2. nerwin

    Why no one cares about your Photography - Sean Tucker

    I just watched this most recent video by Sean Tucker and it was really interesting to me so I thought I'd share it. He makes a lot of sense in this video that I didn't think about before. The reason why I may not get much attention on my images could because I am making more nuance work that...
  3. nerwin

    I'm losing interest in photography - is it permanent or temporarily creative block?

    Before the pandemic I was definitely at the height of my photography where I was enjoying it the most and when the pandemic hit and I stopped going out, I became pretty depressed and doubled down on social media, needless to say I became rather addicted. That year I gained the most followers and...
  4. P

    Best lens for social media (blogs/instagram)

    I'm a canon user so i'm thinking the 35mm-70mm would be perfect for it. however, are there better options?
  5. B

    Social media advice

    I find managing social media for my photography pretty difficult. Found a decent article on social media strategy, particularly Instagram strategies for photographers. MOD EDIT - link removed. I would be keen to know if anyone has tried any of the advice it says in there. Has it worked? I...
  6. L

    Where to market to get product photography projects

    Hi, have been learning and shooting some product photography. I would some advice on what to include in a portfolio and how/where to get some work?
  7. nerwin

    How do I stop caring what others think and take pictures for me?

    I really want to get this off my chest and ask for advice. Social media has really stressed out lately, more than probably ever at this point. I've become so addicted to getting those likes as validation on my photos that when I don't get any or not very much, I automatically feel that the...
  8. nerwin

    What story does these tell to you?

    I haven't taken a self portrait depicting emotion in quite some time. I thought this would be something different than my typical photos. I wanted to create a series of photos that represents sort of how I feel lately as I struggle with depression and the negative side effects of being addicted...
  9. doskophoto

    Instagram Photo Thief's

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and happy to be here with people that have the same passion as mine. I wanted to find out what you all think about people using your photos on Instagram, tagging you or not without your permission. I am an outdoor photographer and do a lot of kayak fishing...
  10. leeshification

    Thoughts on Instagram?

    I've had a photography account on Instagram for a few years now but just recently started trying to regularly update it. Does anyone have any tips for how to succeed on Instagram or any thoughts on running a social media account in general? Good photography accounts to follow? Thank you! :)
  11. footballfan993

    Social Media

    Do you use social media to promote your photography? What kinds do you use? What are some good tips on using it. Do you use hashtags, what do you use hashtags for? I currently have a website, that doesn't have much on it at the moment, I'm still in the process of learning code. I do also have a...
  12. footballfan993

    Social media guides

    So Other than a website, and/or Facebook page, do you use any other social media, such as Instagram, which just released multiple account support or twitter? What kind of tips do you have?Instagram adds official support for multiple accounts on iOS
  13. footballfan993

    Instagram multiple accounts

    Do you use Instagram? Instagram, has just released support for multiple accounts on iOS (Apple) products, meaning if you have two or more accounts, you no longer have to log in and out of them. Instagram adds official support for multiple accounts on iOS Do you use Instagram for your photography?