studio lights

  1. angelusagendi

    1 strobe and one modifier under 300$ for the beginner.

    Hello everyone, Finally I am going to purchase one light with a modifier this week. Thank you for all your suggestions. So I want to buy one strobe light, strong enough to do a portrait beginner photoshoot at my home. And I prefer softbox over umbrella as light modifier. You suggested some...
  2. angelusagendi

    Strobe lights vs umbrella cont.light vs softbox.Where to start for low budget first studio home kit?

    Dear Pro photographers, I read many postings about the first Photo Studio Kit for the Beginners, and many of you don't advise cheap lights from Amazon etc. However, not everyone can afford pro lights right away. Yes, we should save for the better equipment, but in theory if we have the budget...
  3. Alarilue

    Choosing the right studio light setup

    Hi all! I am setting up a photo studio for the sole purpose of photographing my clothing designs, which I sell online. I need a very specific kind of lighting, in that it must reproduce side window light as closely as possible and will be used always to achieve the same effect. I will be in...
  4. alexwa

    What kind of lighting / diffusers would be good for furniture like this?

    Hi. I make furniture and want to get a little more serious about photographing & selling it. I have a Panasonic GH4 and a 20 mm F/1.7 lens and a tripod. Does anyone have any lighting / lens / equipment recommendations for me? I'll attach a picture of a wooden stool I made and another couple of...
  5. L

    Liquidating studio equipment!

    I am in the process of moving and need to liquidate some of my studio equipment. I have an awesome "Italian Villa" for sale. Each wall is approximately 7 ft. tall and each wall is TWO SIDED, giving the photographer multiple options. The photos show BOTH sides of each wall. There are three...
  6. C

    Firenze IFF studio ceiling mount system for lights

    This was part of my father's studio. I took a picture of one of each of the various pieces. Here's what's included: 11 x double sliding carriages 4 x 4 wheel mounting carriages 5 x Bogen 6 wheel mounting carriages 4 x scissor pantographs 1 x 4" return 6 x ceiling mounts 5 x 15 1/2 foot rails 1...