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Firenze IFF studio ceiling mount system for lights


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Feb 7, 2016
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This was part of my father's studio. I took a picture of one of each of the various pieces.

Here's what's included:
11 x double sliding carriages
4 x 4 wheel mounting carriages
5 x Bogen 6 wheel mounting carriages
4 x scissor pantographs
1 x 4" return
6 x ceiling mounts
5 x 15 1/2 foot rails
1 x 10 ft rail
16+ Cable stays
Assorted mounting plates

The double sliding carriages allow you to have lights sliding across, so you can reach all points within the mounted area.

I'm not really sure what it's worth. I was thinking of $1600 USD for the whole set, but am open to offers. I'm not willing to piecemeal it out, so the lot or nothing.


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