1. alexwa

    What kind of lighting / diffusers would be good for furniture like this?

    Hi. I make furniture and want to get a little more serious about photographing & selling it. I have a Panasonic GH4 and a 20 mm F/1.7 lens and a tripod. Does anyone have any lighting / lens / equipment recommendations for me? I'll attach a picture of a wooden stool I made and another couple of...
  2. Z

    Studio lighting: What modifier will achieve this look?

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know what kind of Profoto modifier would achieve this kind of look in the studio? I won't have time to test this in the studio so not sure if the standard reflector on the D1's will give a hard/strong enough light. Could something like barn doors or the Pro Fresnel work...
  3. K

    Continuous Lighting

    Hi, I am new to studio photography and have recently purchased a Lowel Omni to do some still life shots. However, I am not very pleased with the Omni as the 230V bulbs are really expensive, fragile and and in general, the omni seems to have problem with arcing and should not be moved when lit...
  4. Destin

    Newborn Session C&C

    Hey guys, did a newborn session today with a little girl who's dad is a marine. The family is super thrilled with the photos, and I like them for the most part. Just wondering what you guys think of them. How can I improve in the future? Baby was very uncooperative and only slept for about 5...
  5. k.udhay

    Two softboxes with same flash power - Getting under exposed image

    Hi, Recently I tried cake smash photography of my daughter at my home. It was at late evening, hence had to use flashes. Gears used: 1. Nikon D3200 18 - 105 mm lens 2. Two Yongnuo YN560 IV flashes operated with remote trigger 3. Two soft boxes of 80 cm sq. 4. One backdrop Flash power...
  6. Thomas Cross

    Battery or No battery?

    Looking to buy a 2 light kit. However at a later date I'd like to add more lights when I have more money. IS it recommended that I go with the AC option or a battery option?? It's not essential for me to shoot outdoors and have portability. What is the choice to go with when building an Indoor...
  7. K

    What to charge for renting a studio?!??!

    Hi there! I have a client who wants to book a maternity shoot in the middle of January. I live in Canada, and as you know, we get lots of snow and it's brutally cold outside. So, outdoor pictures are out of question. I have a little studio at home, but very very tiny. I turned my spare bedroom...
  8. C

    Please help this begginer :)

    Hello everyone! Happy to be here where I share the same interest with others! I'm a begginer and I need some help - I want to create a studio. Basically, my plan is to get a camera where I can do "tethering", i believe this is what it's called, and take photos of me showing my make up. For now...
  9. D

    Outfit from above project

    Hello everyone, i am writing on this forum because i am a beginner with regards to everything related to photography, especially product photography. right now i would like to start a little project that consist in creating still life menswear outfits and shoot them from above; my point of...
  10. Stock Photo Guy

    Black or White Studio?

    Currently my studio is white but I have been thinking about switching to all black to knock down on reflective light for better control, any thoughts on this? Is your studio black or white? Thanks, Mike
  11. jcskeeter

    Recreate bright even hospital light in studio...

    Hi All - I have a job coming up that got a little shaken up since it was originally planned. The shoot was supposed to be in a hospital room with mostly window light and I was just going to bounce a few speed lights off the ceiling for fill. Unfortunately the client wasn't able to secure a...
  12. Z

    Exposure compensation with studio flashes

    Hi photography enthusiasts, some days ago i transformed my room into a small home studio for taking portrait photos. During the first photo session i noticed that i had to turn the exposure compensation to a minimum (-5.0 until -4.0) on my nikon D5500. I use 2 studio flashes, the flashes (with...
  13. E

    SB-910, Nikon D750 + Studio Slaves - HELP!

    I am trying to use my SB-910, Nikon D750 & two studio lights on slave mode. I want just the studio lights to flash and not the SB-910. I have tried a couple different settings and can't seem to get the right combo! So I kind of just want the SB-910 to be the commander. Thanks
  14. L

    Photography Lighting Kit

    Hi. I'm looking forward to buy studio lighting kit (I want to set up home photo studio), I guess it's better than buying each one apart. When I was looking for this on there are too many choices, so I don't know which one is the best for me. My budget is 200$, is it possible to get...
  15. wajdiphotography

    Last Fashion Project

  16. jgnash

    Viewing studio images, as shot, on a computer or television screen

    Is there a way that a Canon digital (e.g., EOS 1, or Rebel) can be connected to a computer, or television receiver, so that images, as created in a studio, and first presented on the camera's tiny screen, are displayed in large, useful format, on an external screen? This seems quite reasonably...
  17. L

    Expensive flashes cheap camera or mid range camera cheap flashes

    hello everybody. Recently i build home studio and the only thing missing is the strobe flash kit. I have a 2600$ budget and i have 2 choices now. the first one is to stay shooting with my Canon 600d and get a hensel integra mini flash kit ( a 300w/s and a 600w/s) which is priced 1650$ here in...
  18. K

    Studio Lighting

    This might be a sill question, but I am absolutely in love with all of Reformation's studio photos. Any advice on what they might be using for their lighting setup to have such clean looking photos? Reformation Advice: Please don't images to which you not hold rights.
  19. R

    greetings from ohio

    Back into photography after long stay in other areas. A Nikon man who also learning rb67pro s. Ive got the top 5 books recommended by PPA, plus others and the OnOne 10.1 software. Retired due to disability. Limitations, waiting for warmer weather to actually get out there. So much to learn. Much...
  20. B

    Multiblitz Profilux 2x400w location strobe kit.

    Kit is in great shape. I bought it about it about 6 years ago and used it on average about 3-5 times a year (it was a bit of an impulse buy). Paid 1799.00 for it, taking offers. Or trade towards other photo gear (gopro or nex 5). I also have some paul c receivers and a transmitter to go...