Hi Guys, Do you know the name of this Material in the background?


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Nov 13, 2015
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Hi Guys,
I am a beginner Photographer and am wondering if someone could simply identify or perhaps link (amazon etc) of what type type of Material these blog photos are taken on.
Vai Kai : Photo
Vai Kai : Photo
Vai Kai : Photo

It has little holes in it, and I think it is nice. I would appreciate anyone letting me know what material it is.

-----Specifically a sheet or roll of this material with Little Round Holes -- like in the photo.---- i am finding it very hard to find.

I am very grateful and look forward to learning from all of you here :)

p.s. I am a new member, my name is Jason, I live in Orange County, California and came to this site via searching "Photography forum" in google. Thank you again everyone. I hope this message reaches the right eyes.


p.s. Sorry for the double post - i dont know how to delete the other post.
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As answered in your OTHER thread asking about this, this is Dycem.
Derrel, thank you for the fast reply. I appreciate it. However, to be more specific, after searching for Dycem, it did come close but I could not find a sheet similar to the material in question.
I'm looking for precisely this material with Little Round Holes -- like in the photo.---- i am finding it very hard to find. :( Sad.
I bought some maybe 10 years ago that looked exactly like the blue stuff in your photos! I got it at a medical supply place, and it was the BEST gripping Dycem they had, got it for my wife's grandmother who had a hard time with opening jars. I suppose there are different suppliers with different materials in different areas; you **might** try some of the fabric stores, or home improvement stores. This stuff is fantastic as a cabinet liner! We used to use some square, grid-like Dycem in a pale, cream color as out cabinet liner material, worked fantastic!
Just Google "perforated craft foam rolls." Where you get it is up to you.

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