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    A Question on Subjects and Focus

    I recently took a trip to Death Valley with two friends of mine. These friends are the couple pictured in the photo. I dragged them along with me on a few night sky photo sessions, and happened to take this photo during one of them. Now, when I took it, I was thinking that it made more sense to...
  2. T

    Need Help Identifying Subject Matter

    Mahout and a decorated elephant | Mitchell Kanashkevich Photography Hi guys! I'm new to photography. What is the meaning of subject matter in photography? Does anyone know? What is the subject matter of the photo above ? ^ This photo was taken in outskirts of Thrissur (Trichur), India...
  3. Be Someone Photography

    Lightroom Concert Photography Tips

    Hey guys! Sorry if there's already a post about this, but I was wondering if there was anyone out there that edits concert photos regularly. If that's you then YAY! Do you have any tips/advice on lighting in concert photos? I know some people like their subjects dark and the lights really...