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    New Camera

    Hey guys, I am a Student and really like travelling and meeting new people. Since I travel a lot, I click lots of pictures. I am a novice and doesn't know much about the technicalities of cameras but know little. I am looking for a budget camera (200 - 350 euros) with manual focus (basically...
  2. K

    Raw Photos Camera Recommendations

    Hi, I am looking for some advice or recommendations on cameras. I am not a professional photographer, I am an Interior Designer and would like to take pictures of my own work, a professional is not needed for every job. I have minimal experience with photography but have experience with...
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    Sports Photography in Gallery

    Hey, I might have an opportunity to display some of my art in a gallery soon and I need some advice. I have photos of action shots in various sports as any sports photographer should have, but I want to shoot a series of photographs that have a gallery appeal but a sports feel. Possibly like...