1. _Tobias

    A view of the sky - cloud timelapse

    Hello Community, during the Corona period, I discovered timelapse photography for myself and was able to capture a sunset and some beautiful clouds. Just take a look.
  2. D7K

    8 Months....

    These times move so fast and are so hard, but we wanted to capture these memories for the future. This is my wife, shot as the sun dropped through our apartment blinds, painting her like the tiger she really is :D I'm not a portrait photographer by any means, But, I'm pleased with some of the...
  3. D7K

    More Mountain Sunrise, More Crop advice

    Hey guys, Appreciate general C&C on this one as well as which crop is preferred.. D850 - f/11 - 24mm - 1/100
  4. D7K

    New Day..

    So, Last sunrise post for a while, Promise :D As the purple and pinks died out and the sun breached the mountain top, the clouds thickened, I was just about to pack up my gear and leave when I turned and saw the light rays beginning to fill some of the mist in the valley, as the cloud was...
  5. D7K

    Remembering Warmer Days

    Sunrise, Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria. As the fall fades into winter, and it's been raining and snowing for the last 4 days, I'm looking back at warmer mornings with beautiful sunrises over the city. Info: D850 24-70 2.8 @ 24mm f/16 ISO64 1/6 Sec
  6. F

    Best decently priced lens for shooting near and far fast action football on 80d for beginner

    Hello all. I am a beginner purchasing a 80d for basically the sole purpose of shooting kids sports also with video. I am looking for recommendations on lens’ to fit my needs for fast action shots. Most of them are from a good distance away. Let’s say 30 yards or so. But I sometimes also like to...
  7. Nintendoeats

    What Did The Sun Do To My Photo?

    I took this using my 35mm 1.8G lens with a clear glass filter on it and a lens hood. All of my shots from this angle have this odd washout and sunspotting. Obviously the sun is there, but it is reasonably far out of frame and this isn't what I saw through the viewfinder. What happened, and how...
  8. coreno

    Solar Eclipse Photography

    I want to get pictures of the total solar eclipse in the US on Aug 21, and what I'm struggling the most with is finding solid information on what to use on the front of my lens. Obviously I need to filter the light, but I've seen references to a "solar filter", which presumably is specifically...
  9. PhOtoSITIVE

    Sunlit Innocence

    Can't figure out how to delete the thread but I can still edit.
  10. koleks

    Remembering Our Grandparents

    Took this at a resort. Think I should have cloned out the ship at the lower right but don't know how to do it as of the moment :-) Sony A6000 / 24mm / f5.6 / 1/200s / ISO100
  11. Koshua

    First Child Photoshoot (Feedback Appreciated)

    I did my first child photoshoot last week of my baby cousin Navy Mae! She's definitely a cutie, but did my photos do her justice? I know someone is going to mention the bib (I did too), but my aunt really wanted it on because it was a very expensive gift from her mother in law. (8 Photos) #1...
  12. ronlane

    July sunset.

    They are all different and it really doesn't get old watching and shooting summer sunsets.
  13. Shael

    Up in the Air

    Taking my first international trip, was lucky to stop over in Germany for a transfer. The clouds never look the same way twice.
  14. stillbinary

    Shot from the sky

    Arriving Europe shot from the sky w/ Loxia 21 on Sony a7rII - taken handheld, - manual focus, - iso 100, - f/5.6 Thanks a lot for the help limr. Much appreciated.