1. A

    Black corners in photos (not vignette)

    I have recently been shooting with the Canon G7X Mark II, as it's more portable and less "in your face" than my 5DIII. I've noticed that in all of my images, the corners are a solid black colour, and it isn't vignetting. I've been shooting for years and I know what a vignette looks like :')...
  2. alex_ethridge

    What computer should I get??

    Good morning from Southern Alabama! I have been editing my photos on a MAC book air for about a year now and have been pleased with quality, processing, and storage...but I still prefer a windows computer. I have been doing some heavy research on the Surface Pro (latest version) and cannot...
  3. P

    Corrupted photos

    Hello, would someone be so kind and help me with one technical issue? I was taking pictures (JPEG and RAW) using my Olympus camera and SD Card, which worked perfectly fine until the moment where any newly taken photos could be shortly seen in 'view' mode but after a moment they couldnt been...
  4. P

    Transparent smelly film after developing

    Hi all, I recently had two rolls of Kodak 400 color film developed at a store. I dropped the film off at the store and had them mailed to me. One of them had gone through X-rays multiple times before being developed but came out fine. However, the other came out blank/transparent with not...
  5. M

    lense sliding in and out

    So I bought a new sigma 18 - 250 lens, and I noticed that when I am looking downwards to take a photo (at an angle of 45 degrees downward or more) the part of the lens that moves to zoom slides out from the spot that I had it at. However, this does not happen if I have the lens fully retracted...
  6. 8

    New user and help needed

    Hi guys I stumbled across this forum accidentally and it looks good. I'm from Scotland. I was wondering if any of you could help with this error whenever we try to view image files. Its driving us nuts. I have tried playing around with security and different...
  7. P

    Forensic / Evidence Photography

    Greetings, I have been a professional photographer for about 15 years. At one time I was interested in expanding into evidence (forensic - but civil, not criminal) photography and joined The Evidence Photographers International Council (EPIC) and took some workshops. I never really developed...