think tank

  1. A

    MindShift FirstLight 30L Pack

    I maybe new to this forum.. but I have been around photography for a few years. About 52 years worth and 43 of that as a full time working photographer. Consequently I have pretty good feel for good equipment. Also I am on FredMiranda with the same Username and eBay as "Motozonker" .. should...
  2. nerwin

    SOLD! Think Tank Streetwalker Camera Bag

    I've been planning on selling this bag anyways and now that I no longer need it figured I'll try to sell it here. As you know, Think Tank makes incredible bags, very high quality. This one is barely used, I mean I never took it outside because I could never get comfortable with it and it's more...
  3. SashaGonta

    I just want to know what you think of my photos and what to convey to you?

    What do you think of my pictures? Not to post all the photos I put the link instagram: Sasha Gonta (@unphacido) • Instagram photos and videos
  4. myvinyl333

    FS: Think Tank Modular System

    Selling my Think Tank Modular system purchased direct from It was used for concert photography: Nikon D800, 24X 70 - 70 x 200 lenses, and accessories. I am moving to a lighter set-up. Like new condition. Contact me with questions. I have not had a need to part with my camera...