SOLD! Think Tank Streetwalker Camera Bag

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    I've been planning on selling this bag anyways and now that I no longer need it figured I'll try to sell it here.

    As you know, Think Tank makes incredible bags, very high quality. This one is barely used, I mean I never took it outside because I could never get comfortable with it and it's more designed for pro sized gear.

    On the inside there is some weird red spotting on the clear plastic zipper pouches on the inside, not sure what they are from but it was present since I bought it new via Think Tank.

    Comes with the manual, waist belt (never used), tripod/monopod strap (never used) and the waterproof cover (blue bag, also...never used).

    This is the version one, which some prefer. I paid $170 for this bag back in July 2015 and I really never used it. Only to store my gear in when they are not being used.


    Please check out the photos.

    Erwin-180303-19231.jpg Erwin-180303-19232.jpg Erwin-180303-19233.jpg Erwin-180303-19234.jpg Erwin-180303-19235.jpg

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