1. J

    Tips For Beginners

    I found (in my opinion) the BEST site for tips for beginners. It dumbs it down for you in regards to aperture, balance, cropping, depth of field, etc... This is really helping me out alot. No linkbacks, please - Admin.
  2. NGH

    A couple of days in New Orleans

    Hi I am planning a trip to New Orleans with my family in April of this year. I'll be taking my Olympus and probably one film camera. Wondering if anyone has any tips for the city in terms of good places to shoot; i know there are probably hundreds but wanted to see if you guys are familiar...
  3. alex_ethridge

    Newborn Photography Update for beginner

    Hey everyone!! I have been away for quite some time buuuuuuut I have learned SO much in the year and some months doing photography that I had to share. Several of you have seen my desperate out-cries in the past begging for some kind of direction. Looking back the other day, I realized just how...
  4. jjfunckphotography

    Insight for Photographs

    Hello, everyone. I was debating on my picture style & trying to see if there were some enhancements I could utilize in my photographs. I'm going to put like 2 or 3 of, in my opinion, my best photographs, & I'd like to receive some helpful critiques or insight on what I can improve on, what I...
  5. marilyn777

    Macro Photography Help with my Fuji Finepix S5200

    Hello I'm a beginner with macro photography. I have only used the auto settings on my Fuji Film Finepix S5200. Recently I've wanted to branch out and explore the other settings on my camera like S, M, A. My special area of interest is macro. I have taken some pretty decent photos on auto but...
  6. LouisRG

    I have no idea what I'm doing...

    I recently started photography as a hobby - well, I would have had I been able to take acceptable photos. I've recently inherited an Olympus E-300 with 2 lenses: Olympus Zuiko Digital 14-45mm, and a 70-300mm one which I've been told is capable of 600x zoom. As a novice, all this kit sat in my...
  7. Traveltom2406

    First astrophotography attempt!

    hello everyone! This is my first time using a forum so bear with me :) I went to blue ridge observatory and star park last night to try Astrophotography for the first time. I’m also a complete beginner and new to photography. I was wondering if anyone could give me feedback and tips on how to...
  8. textures4photoshop

    How was your photographer journey from beginner to pro?

    I've recently published an article after consulting with multiple pro photographers and would love to get your feedback about the tips in this article: A Photographer’s Journey Is Never Over Knowing the Rules and When to Break Them In Sports Photography Shoot at 1/500th sec or Faster The...
  9. textures4photoshop

    What was the one photography tip you learned after which you no longer felt like a beginner?

    Hi guys, I've written an article called "A Photographer Journey From Beginner to Pro. Rules and Tips From Pros" (don't want to post the link here since this is my first post on the forum). I'm curious to find out what was for you the thing that you learned that made you say "From now on I'm...
  10. photoflyer

    Sports photos: composition tips and tricks

    I struggle with sport photographs and composition. I generally shoot images to include the primary athlete (the one with the ball/bat/puck etc) and competitor with an eye to cropping for composition later. The question then becomes what should that composition be? I am interested in ideas...
  11. BrunoGrossi

    Tips to achieve this result! What do you guys think? NSFW

    Hi everyone, Looking for some insight as to how these two photographers shoot and edit their pictures. Any tips/ observations would be appreciated. Warning, sexy lingerie models ahead :p Photographers Links <Link Removed> Fepo Aponte (@fepo) • Instagram photos and videos
  12. O

    Great tips for beginneers' that we all can use

    Found an article that if you are struggling with your photography will help. It has great tips with real photo examples to illustrate the technique for those of us who need visual learning. I like the visualizing tip. Edit: *Please don't link to articles outside the forum. You may post...
  13. kelgoneimy

    Advice for first Group photo

    So I have been booked to-do a family photo with a mix of 10 total adults and children. I have a white umbrella, stand and external speed light and a wireless trigger system. A 70 to 200 mm and 35 mm lens. Im thinking out side will be ideal. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  14. V

    Beginner in need of help

    Hello, I am sure you are probably already tired of newbies requesting advice on camera equipment, but I am simply overwhelmed by the amount of information on the internet. My name is Sven, I am 24 years old and I will start a small journey soon, which I want to take as an opportunity to get a...
  15. D

    Beginners 10 Night Street Photography Tricks

    Much is discussed concerning photographing through the daylight hours, but how about after that? The night is the best time for street photography. Cityscapes are lit with an array of multi-colored and interesting light resources, such as lampposts, neon symptoms, store home windows, car...
  16. MaddieDPhotography


    Hello All! My name is Madison and I am the owner and photographer at Maddie D Photography in Cincinnati. I joined this forum because I want tips on how to make my business grow and just some tips on my work. I am very excited to be apart of this site!
  17. C

    Wildlife Newbie

    Maybe this has been discussed before, however, I'm gonna ask... I would like to do some wildlife photography, just for my own use and enjoyment really. I have gone out a couple of times with little luck. I realize that its a "right time, right place" kind of thing. My question is, do you...
  18. footballfan993

    Planes, trains, and... cameras?

    Hi everyone, So I'm going to finally travel on and airplane with my camera, and would like some tips First off, I'll be going to rapid city, sd, in a few weeks, so I'm bringing my camera to take pictures of my Rushmore, the badlands and anything else I might find interesting! My camera that I...
  19. U

    Beginner with a Job?!

    Hello, everyone! This upcoming weekend I am going to staff a camp/retreat for the University I attend. Every year the staff heads pick a staff member to be the photographer for the weekend. However, the usual photographer fell ill and will not be able to attend. Thus, since I, being the only one...
  20. M

    First Wedding Pricing

    i just booked my first wedding. I have been second shooting weddings for a while now, so I have an extensive portfolio and I know how the show works. I can run the show at any wedding and I'm confident every time that I'll come out with some great shots for the clients. But I'm starting to shoot...