travel photography

  1. bell

    Merida Mexico with Samsung Glaxy S10 +

    The entire trip was shot with my cell phone. Even the AV was made through my cell phone. I edit my shots in Snapseed app. The best app. Video located at YouTube link.. I would love to hear your comments. It does not need to be always positive. :)
  2. Modifeye

    Basic Tips for Better Travel Photos

    Hey! I decided to give this whole Youtube thing a try haha. Here is a video I made to help improve your travel shots; the basics! Cheers :1247:
  3. M

    Sell or keep Canon 70-700 is USM?

    I currently own: Canon 60d (will eventually buy canon 6d in the next year) 70-200 2.8L mm is USM 24-70 2.8L mm 50 mm 1.8 prime The reason I'm unsure is because the lens is very heavy and obnoxious but I was shocked at how sharp the pictures are. (I bought this lens in December after using...
  4. Nici


    The old question - quantity versus quality and more or less I'm in the same predicament. I like to travel light mostly cause I travel solo and not all that young anymore. I'm torn between taking my Nikon 35mm Prime lens apposed to my Sigma 18-250mm Zoom. I'll be taking a lot of nature...
  5. TBox9

    Question for frequent traveling photographers

    I have recently upgraded to a higher end camera and some really good lenses. I don't fly much, but when I do I would like to take my camera with me. My question is for those of you that travel (fly) frequently and take your equipment with you. Looking for advice on whether to check everything...
  6. B

    New from Vegas!

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum. Just recently moved to Vegas from Los Angeles, and somewhat recently before that from San Diego. Photography has always been something that I greatly enjoy and have wanted to pursue a career in photography. Unfortunetly I had to sell my entire rig when moving...