1. M

    Shadows and self portrait

    Was walking by and though the shadow on the tree looked pretty good, I think it ended up good, any CC welcome.
  2. nerwin

    Expose Your Roots

    I know it's not a good photo but I thought it was interesting to see the root system of this tree that's been exposed due to years of washouts from storms. Nikon Z6II + Z 50mm f1.8 S expose your roots by Nicholas Erwin, on Flickr
  3. OldManJim

    The Old Man of the Forest

    Shot with Mamiya 645 pro tl, 80 mm lens, f5.6, 1/250, handheld. I was walking in the woods and passed an old tree. When I turned around, he was staring at me. I think he was upset because my dog peed on the trunk. Next time, I'll bring him some mulch.
  4. Vieri

    Send off 2017 with a little Fine Art

    To peacefully say goodbye to 2017, a little Fine Art: Tree at Loch Fada, a 4 minutes long exposure taken last spring during one of my Workshops on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Leica SL, Leica Summarit-S 70mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest filters. Thanks for viewing, and Happy New Year...
  5. D

    A photo of very green tree avenue.

    Hi everyone, My name is Dattie, and I am not a photographer, I am sorry for that but I am here to find some help from you photographers. Here's my story: I have a friend whose grandmother is now more than 80 years old. We want to find a photo of a very wide green tree avenue, which can make...
  6. JimMcClain

    Tree In Field After Sunset

    I spent too much time trying to capture the sun setting behind a barn. I didn't notice this lone tree until just after the sun set. Exposure: Nikon D810, Tamron SP 15-30mm F2.8 at 30mm, f/11, 1/6s, ISO 64, mounted on a tripod. Almost exactly 1 year, 1¾ hours earlier (actually, about 3 weeks...
  7. trase

    Light growth - looking for feedback

    I am very new to photography, and besides knowing the technical basics, I have no idea what I'm doing. It would be great if somebody pointed my nose in the things I did wrong.
  8. S

    Fall Photos

    Hi and peace to all, This is some of my fall photos...
  9. Superka

    The tree.

  10. B

    Beginner shot of the day [1]

    Hi, I will try to upload one photo I took each day for one month (I am traveling in Japan, so I have the time to do that :) ). Here is my first pic. I was walking near a temple and I wanted to play with the focus, putting out of focus my background. Then in post production, I had some fun...