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Feb 14, 2016
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I will try to upload one photo I took each day for one month (I am traveling in Japan, so I have the time to do that :) ).
Here is my first pic.


I was walking near a temple and I wanted to play with the focus, putting out of focus my background. Then in post production, I had some fun and tried to burn useless zone.

I am a beginner, I am interested about all of your advice. It will help me to be better (I hope !).

Have a good day
Learning techniques is fine, but there's really no subject here. Or at least one that's obvious. You intentionally blurred your primary subject (I'm assuming it is the temple) and included an overwhelming chunk of a nearby tree that distracts from your subject.
Hello, thank you for your reply.

In fact, I wanted to make that tree my primary subject, that is why it is taking so much place. The temple was just in background to add something else to the picture. Maybe that was a bad idea in that case
When viewers first see a picture, the little image engine in their head tries to parse everything they see and establish what is important and what isn't important so they can translate the image and understand what you are showing them.

There are certain elements that attract the eye.
Elements that are big, in focus, bright, colorful, take up good amounts of space in the frame.

So, if we look at your picture, there are all sorts of conflicting clues.
The background is very bright but OOF (and is tilted a bit)
The tree is large but there isn't anything special to look at, particularly compared to the attractions of the back)
The tree has a couple of small bright objects -the triangle at the top, the leaf and the small bright scar (?) that attract the eye but don't seem to be very important.

What should I be looking at - and why?
What do you want to show the viewers?

You need to understand exactly what you are showing people and then compose and expose around that.



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Ok, i will remember that!

Thank you!

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