1. A

    Minolta x700 troubleshoot

    I've noticed that when I set my MC lens to minimum aperture (f22), lock it and set program mode, each time I shot the aperture stays at f22 usually with long exposures. It doesn't correct the aperture automatically and shutter speed in the viewfinder says one thing but it clearly uses a slower...
  2. H

    Soligor FD Mount lens Troubleshooting

    I inherited a Soligor 35 mm F1:2 FD mount lens. I bought a Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter to make the FD mount lens fit on my Canon Rebel T7i. I got the lens to fit on the adapter and the adapter to fit on the camera and took some pictures with it. I noticed some dust spots on the pictures, so...
  3. M

    photos turn dark when external flash is on

    im using canon t31 and sunpack digiflash 3000. when i take pictures with my external flash, i sometimes get images that are to dark even though the flash was fired at the time the photo was taken. so i tried this, i took photos with different shutter speeds. I was shooting manual for all photos...
  4. Judeamarco

    Irregular Film Advancing with the Bronica ETRS

    Hello! So a month ago, I got a Bronica ETRS and loaded some film into it. When shooting with it, everything seems to be working fine except when its nearing the 10th to 13th frame. When I crank it to the next frame, sometimes, it doesn't cock and I rotate it twice or even three times before the...