Soligor FD Mount lens Troubleshooting


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Jan 30, 2021
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I inherited a Soligor 35 mm F1:2 FD mount lens. I bought a Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter to make the FD mount lens fit on my Canon Rebel T7i.
I got the lens to fit on the adapter and the adapter to fit on the camera and took some pictures with it. I noticed some dust spots on the pictures, so I took the lens off the adapter. I thought there was an internal piece of glass in the lens that was causing the dust spots, since the outside glass was clean and the lens has been sitting unused for several decades in a box, so the dust could have creeped inside. I unscrewed the three small screws on the mount of the lens and took the metal ring off surrounding the aperture levers. Four tiny silver metal balls fell out along with four metal curved pieces

After working on it for a little bit, I discovered that there either isn't internal glass or there isn't an easily accessible way to get to it, so I started on re-assembling the lens. The metal ring around the bayonets would not screw in correctly with the balls and curved metal pieces set in the slot where they are supposed to go, so I took them out and got the metal ring screwed back on. The aperture levers seemed to be working correctly even without all of the pieces inside, so then I tried fitting the lens back on the adapter and now it will not fit on correctly. It also will not fit correctly onto the original Canon film camera that the lens came on. With the FD mount lenses, there are three grooves on the lens to fit it onto the camera. The groove closest to the red alignment dot seems to be the one that is not fitting:

The other two grooves fit the adapter in and leave no gaps:

There is a small silver metal piece on the lens that is meant to align with a groove on the adapter or camera. I can either get the piece to align with the groove on the adapter or the camera, but then the grooves on the lens don't line up with the adapter OR I can get the grooves on the lens to fit to the adapter and that small metal piece prevents the adapter from fitting snuggly on the lens.
5.jpg 2.jpg

I've search and searched and can't find any videos breaking down the soligor FD mount lens, only the Canon FD mount lens, which is different.
I know my first mistake was taking the lens apart, but now that the damage is done there, how can I get the lens to fit back on the adapter?
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