1. G

    Nikon D300S Dark View Finder and Photos Please Help

    I hav a D300s with under 14K shutter counts. Currently will not take any of my DX or FX lenses (dark view finder and pohotos). As a matter of fact, it only works with a 20mm F2.8 AF Nikkor lens. Live view is also dark with DX lenses. Dark photo shows with DX lens, bright photo with 20mm F2.8...
  2. D7K

    Pre-Hike Sunrise In Vihren, Bulgaria

    So, again I've been trying to keep up with the forum, with the editing and with controlling the amount of space on my MacBook. Recently I've taken to hiking, my better half has always had such a love for the mountains and has hiked in every season in many places I could only dream to go and...
  3. Ross Photography

    I'm New Here, What Do You Think?

    Would like to know your thoughts on the image, I love constructive criticism, feel free to edit and show me what you would have done! Frozen Mountains by Marshall Ross, on Flickr
  4. D

    Sea and Shore