1. Abraham Paul


    Greeting everyone. First of all - I am glad I am here, since I have heard only good things about this forum, so I am hoping to find all the necessary help I need. I am a professional vlogger and now I am trying to check a new product for my next project. I found a camera and I want to get your...
  2. rocketcityman

    Amateur Needing Recommendations for EOS R Video+Stills

    [Cross post from the Video section - but I feel like I need a general orientation for Canon here too] Hi Everyone! An amateur here hoping to up his game, so please help me navigate any pitfalls here! I'm about to make a big leap (from my perspective) from an old beginners DSLR (Panasonic G3)...
  3. S

    Small cam with phone remote control of video

    Does anyone know of a small digital camera that allows full video control via remote phone? The GX7 has a lot of what I want but the phone control is only for stills. This is for DIY vlogging to avoid having to run back and forth to the cam every few seconds.
  4. G

    opinions on what camera i should get!!!

    hey hey hey! this is my very first post here! and was hoping i could get some help! haha I'm starting to do a bit of vlogging and a few other video work! and am looking for a decent camera to record in HD, i don't have many preferences other than i really need a flippable viewfinder/screen so...