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  1. A

    Help Editing Photo of Water Droplet Macro

    Hello, everyone! I recently have been excited to start using my new Olloclip Macro Pro for my iPhone6s. After a much-needed rain today I finally had the opportunity to take some macro shots of water droplets. I love how this photo captures a reflection of a spruce tree branch, but on the bottom...
  2. H

    accessory: floating stick

    Guys, is there like an equivalent to this: a floating monopod for GoPro (TELESIN Floating Bobber Anti-Slip Monopod Stick With Screw and Strap For Water Diving Gopro Sport Camera) for normal cameras? I have an underwater camera, the olympus TG4 but I can´t find this accessory! Can somebody help?
  3. Kedarnag138


  4. KalitheArtist

    Nature Walk

    I went on a nature walk today, with the same lens as before, hopefully these are better than the last ones. Haha. I have some more of some little birds and ducks, but I don't feel they're good enough to keep. I don't know. Maybe I'll post them.
  5. D-B-J

    Like a Desert... But in New England?!

    Well, I felt like I was on the set of the Lion King... desert style sunset, yeah? Er, at least, that's what I thought. What does this sunset remind YOU of? _RSP9493 by f_one_eight, on Flickr Cheers! Jake
  6. D-B-J

    First ICM From a Boat :)

    I loved the pastel colors on tonights sunset... and I was out working on the boat and didn't have solid ground to do the usual long-exposure fun, so I tried an ICM. What are your thoughts? _RSP9571 by f_one_eight, on Flickr Jake
  7. IlluminousImage

    Zion National Park, The Narrows

    Canon 5D Mark III + Canon lens 24-70 2.8L II www.illuminousimage.com
  8. Didereaux

    Garden Still Life