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    Shutter fault with OM D Webcam on EM1 mki

    I just installed the Beta Olympus Webcam software and set up my EM1 mki via the USB cable as a webcam. The image came of great for a few minutes and then went blank. Now I can't use my camera. The fault is that shutter curtain is in the closed position, so the LCD and EVF are black. The auto...
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    Nikon P900 as webcam

    Can I use my Nikon P 900 as a webcam? I bought a webcam but the quality is poor and I don´t want to buy again another one. Can anyone advise me how to set it up and if it is wise to use my P900 as a webcam. Thanks.
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    Use Nikon D5600 as webcam

    I'm trying to use my Nikon D5600 as a PC webcam, but when I connect the camera to the PC (Windows 10) with a Micro USB cable (to be clear, the same I usually use to transfer photos from the camera to the PC), and I try to open Windows Camera, this message appears: We can't find your camera [bla...
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    Use Coolpix P900 as webcam?

    I'm wondering if it's possible to use a Nikon Coolpix P900 as a webcam/video source for Skype? The reason I ask is that I participate in a monthly book club meeting at the library and we often have a remote attendee who lives a long way away from us so we video-conference with him via Skype...
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    Use T1i as webcam?

    Is there any way for me to use a Canon T1i as a webcam/video input in Skype? I'm in a longstanding book club and our monthly meetings are regularly attended by a gentleman who lives a couple of thousand kilometers away but participates via Skype. The webcam we're using has too narrow a field of...