Shutter fault with OM D Webcam on EM1 mki


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Mar 9, 2021
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I just installed the Beta Olympus Webcam software and set up my EM1 mki via the USB cable as a webcam. The image came of great for a few minutes and then went blank. Now I can't use my camera.

The fault is that shutter curtain is in the closed position, so the LCD and EVF are black. The auto focus and exposure metering will also not work. When I set the camera to manual focus and take a picture the shutter operates fine to the set shutter speed, but ends, as it starts in a closed curtain position. That is when I take the lens off I do not see the sensor, as it is obscured by the closed curtain.

So it can still take a picture, but I can not set the focus or exposure correctly, as they are not working with the curtain closed and the EVF and LCD being black.

Has anyone ever had similar issues and managed to find a solution.

I have tried the camera with different lenses, different batteries, different SD cards, and I have also done a factory full reset. But none of these have helped.

Many thanks in advance,


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