1. M

    My Website - Wedding Photography

    Sharing my new website - Its all about wedding photography. Do share your thoughts.
  2. shootfilm

    I need your feedback for my film exploring website

    Hey guys! I have been working on a web application the last couple of weeks which helps people, especially new to analog photography figuring out which film might be the best for them. The site will list all available films with the associated facts. Furthermore it will let you filter films...
  3. J

    Store On Picfair

    Hi, I've just joined this forum. I'm trying to get this off the ground, so here's a link to the store I set up on Picfair:
  4. blackphoenix

    My new website!! This is my new site for all my photography:1247:
  5. jjfunckphotography

    Website feedback

    I recently 'finished" (put in quotation marks because they'll always be things to adjust, but the main foundation, idea, layout & etc is done,) my website, & I was looking for some feedback regarding the navigation, layout, text, background, & other aspects of my website. The purpose of my...
  6. Destin

    New Website; New Brand. Critique?

    Alright guys, so I've fully jumped into changing my genre. My wedding/portrait website is no longer and I'll not be advertising for that type of work anymore, though I'm sure I'll still do a little via word of mouth. It just doesn't make me happy anymore, and I want to ensure that photography...
  7. YoungPhotoGirl

    Website Design C&C please

    Hi Everyone, It's been a while! :) I'm back though....and would absolutely be full of gratitude if you wouldn't mind checking out my website----Karissa Best Photography | Invercargill NZ and giving me a short (or long if you feel like you can spare the time) summary of how it made you feel...
  8. P

    Photography Business Website

    I need to design a website. Can anyone suggest a company who can design website and create logo? Reasonably priced. Preferably a referral you have been happy with. Thank you.
  9. M

    Frames for online print sales

    I sell landscape photography on my website. I sell prints and mounted prints, but I would also like to sell framed photos. Is the best way to go about doing this having a couple of different frame styles in a couple of different colors so the customer can decide? Also, when I sell images in a...
  10. A

    Looking for some feedback on my new website :)

    Hi everyone, I've just launched my new website for wedding photography in Scotland. If anyone has a couple of minutes, it would be great if you could have a little look and let me know what you think. I'd especially like your opinion on the portfolio page as I've had a lot of difficulty making...
  11. A

    nature photography

    I have just started photographing nature and editing the photos on Ps. I'm open to suggestions and/or thoughts and opinions about the pics. Check out my website and let me know what you think.
  12. mediamike

    Build a Photography Portfolio

    Hi all! I have to admit that I'm new to this group but have been an avid fstopper for years. I've decide to leave my job to pursue a different passion (helping photographers get off the ground!). I was wondering if you had any feedback on a recent video tutorial that I put together that...
  13. Kroneberger0408

    Feadback on my new WEBSITE?!!

    Hay guys, I made a new website recently and Im looking for honest opinions on it! What do you think? Suggestions? (yes I know I need to add more photos im waiting for my computer to be fixed this week and I will be adding more of my work) welcome
  14. Kroneberger0408

    Best place to make a new WEBSITE?

    Hay guys, so right now I really only have my stuff on facebook and a flicker pace. But I need to remake my business cards with new info anyway and would like to make a more professional looking website to display my photos and try to get more real business and such. Can you recommend a good...
  15. Randy Henry

    Is There Anyone Out There Into Stanced & Modified Car Photography?

    Hi there i'm a freelance visual artist from the Bronx NYC that enjoys shooting pretty much whatever i like. I own a brand called GSTLife and one of our specialties is shooting Stanced and modified cars, you could check out some of my work here.
  16. rawbphotography

    Launched Website and photoblog

    Hi TPF I just launched my site and would like some reviews, critiques, and maybe a few kudos as well! Hope you all enjoy!
  17. J

    Website for stock photo

    Hello. I want to do some stock photography. I want to make some photos of vegetables and other stuff, household things, the kind of things that will be used for a webdesigns and blogs for example. Basicly I want to put out some stock photos for free download, to whomever might like them. Do...
  18. Peakapot

    Website critique

    Hi there guys, I have recently created my own website. I made it myself and all the images are my own. It is still really new but I'd like some opinions on the layout and images shown. All good and bad points welcome. If you only see bad then let me have them. I'd also like any hints or tips on...
  19. footballfan993

    Social Media

    Do you use social media to promote your photography? What kinds do you use? What are some good tips on using it. Do you use hashtags, what do you use hashtags for? I currently have a website, that doesn't have much on it at the moment, I'm still in the process of learning code. I do also have a...
  20. footballfan993

    Social media guides

    So Other than a website, and/or Facebook page, do you use any other social media, such as Instagram, which just released multiple account support or twitter? What kind of tips do you have?Instagram adds official support for multiple accounts on iOS