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Dec 15, 2015
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Oklahoma City, OK
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My name is Hayley and I'm VERY new to the photography forum world...so we will see how this goes!!
I am a portrait photographer in Oklahoma City. I love to travel, eat (a lot), sing in the car, doodle, hand letter, cook, hang out with my brother and look at wedding photography...all the time. I am constantly looking for more ways to learn and expand my photography and business skills.

I am still in school, but will be graduating soon and am anxious to enter the "real world." My absolute DREAM is to be a wedding photographer. I have photographed two weddings and am excited to maybe reel in some new clients in 2016. Like I said, I am constantly learning and adapting and feel as though I have grown so much this year. I'm excited to start applying what I have learned to my business this coming year and hope to learn more from this online forum!

Feel free to check out my website (that will be redone very soon) and see some of my work! www.blog.hayleywaldo.com

I look forward to contributing to this forum and learning from all of you lovely photographers!
Welcome aboard, Hayley.

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