1. nerwin

    Contax/Yashica adapter for Nikon Z Review

    It's been a busy last couple of months so I haven't spent much time here on the forums. Anyways I picked up this Yashica FX-2 at a flea market (more like a yard sale than anything) for $12 that I couldn't pass up. Came with a couple lenses too. The camera was in very rough shape but as you can...
  2. K

    My YouTube Studio, Thoughts?

    Hey All, Still relatively new here but love the content! I just filmed a short video on my studio setup. What else am I missing?
  3. bell

    Merida Mexico with Samsung Glaxy S10 +

    The entire trip was shot with my cell phone. Even the AV was made through my cell phone. I edit my shots in Snapseed app. The best app. Video located at YouTube link.. I would love to hear your comments. It does not need to be always positive. :)
  4. NGH

    Photoshop tutorials and training videos

    My wife bought be a year's subscription to Photoshop for Christmas and so just seeing if anyone has some recommendations for a good series of You Tube videos to get me into shape. I've been using LR (6) for a while and have used other photo/graphics systems before so I am not completely...
  5. VoyagerXyX

    Greetings from North Bay, California

    Hey everyone! My name is Alex and I'm hardly a professional. I've been doing photography as a passive hobby for about five years. A couple months ago I got into film and it changed the way I look at photography as an art. I'm really enjoying photography in a way I don't think I was able to...
  6. M

    Camera for YouTube videos with 1080p+60fsp - prefer compact

    Hello, I am a complete beginner and want to buy a camera to shoot videos for YouTube. I'm not considering camcorders as I also want to use it to take pictures while on vacation and for general day to day life. From what I've already read I can say that I would like to be able to get 1080p...
  7. footballfan993

    Should I use a DSLR or camcorder for Youtube?

    Hey everyone, so I've always been pretty interested in having/starting a YouTube channel. The channel that I would have would be full of tech reviews, so it would include shots of products, phones, tablets, computers, etc, as well as shots of myself. The question that I have is should I use a...
  8. I

    Best DSLR *FOR VIDEO*!!

    I have a YouTube channel and am disappointed with my old Camcorder. I want an upgrade, so I was going to go with a DSLR. I am looking for one around 399.99$ - 499.99$. I want it to have a Microphone input as well. I have seen the Canon T5, but it doesn't have a Mic Input. And an LCD screen that...
  9. G

    opinions on what camera i should get!!!

    hey hey hey! this is my very first post here! and was hoping i could get some help! haha I'm starting to do a bit of vlogging and a few other video work! and am looking for a decent camera to record in HD, i don't have many preferences other than i really need a flippable viewfinder/screen so...
  10. T

    The importance of documenting life

    I've been playing around with cameras since I was about 15 years old when I picked up my dad's old Pentax ME Super (not realizing how amazing it actually was until it was stolen from my home in my late 20s). I'm 36 now. I didn't start taking photography seriously until I was about 27. Very...