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  1. Svenisko

    Zenit E Mirror falls down in Bulb mode

    Hello. I bought Zenit E in really good shape. Everything is smooth and shutter works correctly. But few days ago, Bulb mode stopped working. Shutter works correctly, it stays open when I lock the shutter release button. But mirror doesn’t lock up. I’ve opened the Mirror mechanism cover and...
  2. LouisRG

    An Old Russian Tank - Zenit E

    Good evening everyone! Last week I bought a Zenit-E from my local junk shop. Being new to film cameras, I knew a few things to check (winding mechanism, shutter etc.) and they were all right, but I neglected a few things. One of those was the Selenium Cell Light sensor - as far as I know mine...
  3. M

    hello everybody

    hello nice to become member in this nice forum. i came here because i need help . i have and old Zenit TTL camera. she works almost perfectly . and the seed of 1/60 the second curtain does not close all the way and this is the results(the right part of the photo ) what can i do about it...