Zenit E Mirror falls down in Bulb mode


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Dec 3, 2022
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I bought Zenit E in really good shape. Everything is smooth and shutter works correctly. But few days ago, Bulb mode stopped working. Shutter works correctly, it stays open when I lock the shutter release button. But mirror doesn’t lock up. I’ve opened the Mirror mechanism cover and noticed one thing: when the shutter is pressed, mirror goes up, curtains are opened but the mirror falls down like on 1/Xs shutter (the lifting gear doesn’t stop in the locking position). When I release the shutter button, Curtain is closed, but the Mirror mechanism doesn’t move at all, like it should. Can this be fixed or not?
Here is a slow motion video on Youtube:

Thanks a lot!

Try asking around at photrio. Every Zenit I ever owned(all briefly before getting pitched)developed mechanical issues. You might consider moving upmarket a bit, too.
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