zenza bronica

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    PLEASE HELP! Zenza Bronica SQA light leak issue

    I have been trying to troubleshoot some issues with my Bronica SQA. When the camera takes clean photos, they are gorgeous. Unfortunately I am having some random light leak issues that I cannot figure out. I have multiple images below as reference. The exteriors are all from the same roll of...
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    Issue with my Bronica Zenza ETRS - please help

    Recently I've run into some issues with my Bronica ETRS and the issue seems to be getting worse! I have 2 film backs and 3 lenses for this camera. I have been switching between B&W and colour with the 2 backs. Now that I've started processing my photos I can see there is some kind of exposure...
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    Zenza Bronica ETRsi Light Meter Issues

    My internal light meter/indicator was working properly a few weeks ago. Now, when I half press the shutter, instead of the meter offering the correct exposure through the viewfinder, it always flashes at 1/4. I thought the shutter speed was locked at 1/500 of a second when the shutter was...