Issue with my Bronica Zenza ETRS - please help


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Aug 30, 2021
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Recently I've run into some issues with my Bronica ETRS and the issue seems to be getting worse!

I have 2 film backs and 3 lenses for this camera. I have been switching between B&W and colour with the 2 backs. Now that I've started processing my photos I can see there is some kind of exposure problem. It hasn't always been there. I thought it could be a light leak in on of the backs but now I can see its happen with both backs.

I thought it might be something happening when I was changing lenses while shooting so I stuck to one lens for a couple of rolls but the issue is still there and seems to be getting worse!

Here are my negatives for your reference....


As you can see its not every frame but I am wasting a huge amount of film. Is there any chance the issue could be coming from the lens?

Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
hello, it would certainly help if you could highlight in your photos what is exactly the issue and also if you will share some scans (jpg/tiff) demonstrating the issue
Yes, please post a photo or 2 showing the problem.
On further investigation I have discovered my 75mm lens is the cause of the issue - the shutters aren't closing and exposing the film to too much light. Does anyone know if there is an easy solution to this or do I need the lens served by a professional?

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