06 Twin Turbo GTO


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Jun 6, 2010
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So my husband and I washed our car, and drove to take some pictures of it. The hardest part was finding places to actually take pictures. I think we're going to do it again soon. We both love this car. But anyway..I'm posting my favorite picture out of the bunch (I took a lot). Does anybody have any ideas on where we could go for picture ideas?

Thanks! -Haley

Someplace where there is not a chain link fence with barbed wire on top would be a start.
Are there any pull outs along the bay, or the Pacific ocean, where the background would be water? That would be nice.
Let's see those hair dryers!
lots of detail lost in the rear end.
what was your lighting set up? was it all just natural?
Yeah, I'm sure there is. My husband wanted to shoot in the area with an old abandoned building with the fence, it's whatever. We've lived here in SD for two years and still aren't that familiar with what's around us. I think we're going to go on another ride.
All natural light, yes. It was like 7 at night when we did these. I did mess with them in Lightroom as well..

The only thing about being next to the beach, is PEOPLE! They're freakin everywhere and it drives me nuts! I hate having strange people in the background...I think I'm just gonna go driving around and see what I can find..

People are transient...they move...chain link fences tend to stay put for decades...all you need is a clear background for say, 1/500 of a second. or maybe twice as long, like 1/250 second.
What is so neat about parking garage pictures? I understand that's where cars are SUPPOSED to be, but I really don't find them that appealing..
A lot of car shots are done in parking garages, truthfully, it's overdone (in the car field)

Love the Car + Rims ... looks sick and OH SO shinyyyyyy
i like the pic w or w out the chain fence. very nice car. clean but detail was lost in the rear end of the car.
love this pic its awesome!! i like the spot you chose to take the pic at ...> =)

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