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Jun 12, 2010
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I'm not seeing any picture.

edit: What Raian-san said, too much open sky, but it looks nice!
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Great photo. I would only suggest cropping part of the sky because there's so many empty space between the sky and land. Beside that it's awesome.
I like the division you went for in your composition. I doubt the land would have given you anything more interesting in the foreground ... so to make the vast dome of sky above this land your primary subject is not the worst of choices. The problem with this sky, though, on that very day, with that very light and cloud cover, is that it is quite a little boring, it is too featureless to evoke any great "ahhh"-effect in the viewer.
Did you use a polarizing filter? Nice landscape.
nah, no filters. Though this was shot through a window of a car as I was passing by. So whatever tint or whatever they use on '07 toyota's could have played into the effect.

The only reason I left that much sky is because I wanted to include that cloud completely, without cutting it.
Very nice. Try a companion shot next time as well. Reverse the proportions. 1/4 sky 3/4 earth. Sharp details at your feet make for compelling compositions.
I agree that there seems to be a lot of sky. Maybe consider cropping as perhaps a pano? A crop to the first layer of clouds.

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