14 best shots from the past few months


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Dec 29, 2007
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Jacksonville, FL
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I absolutely love #1! Another high point for me is #6 (even if I don't care at all about car photos); I appreciate how you used the angle of the car to take advantage of the reflections of the shore and sky. Finally, I like #3. Nice collection overall, thanks for posting.
very nice.
I dont like the reflection on the second car picture, but i like the vignetting there.

keep it up.
thanks for the comments! and critique or suggestions?
I dont like the reflection on the second car picture, but i like the vignetting there.
same here...I almost didn't post that pic because of it
1)....Not too appealing to me...might be to others but I try to avoid power lines....won't even think of making them a subject....seems to me a person could find better subjects for a night shot.
2) Chin should be lifted more perhaps a slight tilt of the head...this pose IMO makes her nose look too long.
3) Yawn....not sure what's so appealing.
4) Watch your crop ...seems too centered.
5) Tis okay for another seagull in flight shot.
6) Think you cropped off too much of the car...Too much dark in the sky.
7) Too dark...bad reflection...the birds? look like dirty lens..Personally I'd clone them out.
8) Looks good but awkward position of the arm to the viewer's left...either show more of it or hide it completely....way it stands looks like an abnormality...takes your eye away from the nice curve of her waist.
9) The light under the arms looks out of wack with the black BG.
10)Cool pose but not sure I like the half shadowed face and two diff toned lens in the glasses.
11) Do not think the look down on pose is flattering to this pretty gal.
12) Too much sky...think it look better if all was in focus....Not diggin' the DOF
13) Cute
14) Maybe use a tripod next time...think the motion should be shown with the subject only and not with everything around her....would have been better if she was facing you...Would have liked to seen more of the flames of the fire instead of just blown out white.
:lmao: :lmao:

I see what you did there :meh:

Learn to take constructive criticism. You had to hunt down my old posts from a year rand a half ago just so you could say something negative about my photos? Now we're even, is that it? Good, I hope you feel better now :thumbup:
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You critiqued me I appreciate it...I was not being negative...just critiqued you same as you critiqued me....Thought it was the way you think a critique should be carried out....
I look up every bodys photos that come to my page....
Sorry if this seems bad to you ....just trying to critique you as you did me.

IMO there are much more productive and less harsh ways to critique than to come into a thread and point out all the negatives...But hey I figured you knew what is right way to critique for you so I merely mimic your way.....AND everything I wrote on your photos are EXACTLY how I feel they lack as you so gracelessly critiqued on my thread.....
YOU my friend are the one that needs to learn to take constructive criticism.
I think that it is unrealistic to expect critique to be graceful, tactfull, diplomatic and a great mix of positives and negatives. Simply put, some photographers have more skill with language and typing than others and some have seen a lot more photos and done a lot more critique than others as well.

Try and keep the personal words out. It is not a matter of whether it is appealing to you, but rather, whether the centre of interest attracts visual attention or has visual impact. "Just another ....shot." suggests the need for a different camera angle, different lens, different postprocessing technique or that a different subject should have been chosen,...so say so.

On the receiving end, problems were pointed out if you were not distracted by the phraseology. So, if you want to improve, pick out the accurate criticisms. There is too much dead sky in the first car photo which needs to be cropped. The reflection and the birds are a problem in the second car shot. In 11, the camera angle looking down on the model is not flattering and doesn't work. There were other criticisms which were accurate as well, despite the fact that one is left with the impression that they were made in a tif for tat manner.

So, how about a little less sensitivity and emotion on the critique front?

www.photoinf.com for some info. on the composition area of critique.

No emotion here lol. Those are old photos and I've improved as a photographer since then anyways (it was a year and a half ago, after all). I just thought it was funny she went through my VERY old posts to "get even" with me after she didn't like the way I critiqued her one photo she posted.

I like criticism. I thrive on it. I always take it with stride. That's why I posted so many photos in this thread, for example. FWIW, over a year later, the negatives of these photos are things I already look for now and have corrected in my general photography by now.

I think it's unfortunate another member felt it necessary to react the way she did to a simple critique because she didn't "like my tone" or whatever. I critique photos all the time at other sites and for friends and other pros. I try my best to offer suggestions that use proper terminology and not just based on my personal opinions of the shot. I pointed out the negatives because they glared at me and I was trying to suggest how to improve next time without a bunch of sugar on top. Cry about it.
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