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    My Fuji 14 arrived today. It is used but in pristine condition. The former owner obviously didn't use it very much. I haven't seen any meaningful amounts of barrel distortion and the AF and AE mate perfectly with the X-E2 camera I used today for the initial tests. Below is a shot of some hay raking going on in my hay field. Below that is an extreme crop to show you that the 14 is quite sharp. Then a couple of snaps I took on my way to the post office. All the images are JPEG's straight out of the camera. They were just resized for the web. All the images are done in full auto mode to show how the lens mates with the camera. It reminds me of the Leica 21mm wide angle I owned years ago. Great lens. It's a keeper.

    tractor.jpg tractorcrop.jpg shed4.jpg boat.jpg

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    14mm and f/2.8--sounds sweet!

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