15 UV Light Photography Ideas

Jens Heidler

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Mar 15, 2019
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Hey everyone,
have you ever experimented with UV light? 15 amazing Photography Ideas using UV Light. I have taken images of 50 subjects using UV light and this is my TOP 15! Surprisingly macro photos of insects and scorpions show amazing colours.
I hope to find some more insects although the weather is... pretty bad, their glow under UV light is just amazing:)
Do you have any idea what else looks great under UV light?
Yes I've played with UV induced fluorescence, MUCH easier to do than photographing UV with digital cameras.
Hopefully I'll be able to watch your video tonight (it's blocked at work)

Tonic water, paper, some plastics, white fabric, teeth & a few lab chemicals have all worked well in my limited experiments to date.
I've not tried flowers yet but I've seen some great results on-line. Unfortunately the acrylic my scorpions are imbedded in blocks UV to well to get much result. :(
Hiya I have use used uv light with uv reactive paint eg disco paints to good effect
I have a Nice UV light. I used it to aluminate the gears on a grandfather clock, worked pretty good, imo.
As I suspected an interesting video, including direct UV imaging so more complete than I was expecting.
It's someting I've only just scratched the surface off with the following being one of the best I've managed:
uvif small by Mike Kanssen, on Flickr

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