16x20 Ektalure paper for sale


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Jan 30, 2008
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I have 10 - 50 sheet boxes, still in their individual cardboard packing boxes, that I'd like to sell. They have all been carefully stored since they were purchased when the last shipment went out to all the large camera stores sometime in 2000 and are unfogged. I'd like to get $250 per box. If you are familiar with this paper, you will know it is one of a kind, and very well suited for lith printing. Samples of lith prints can be seen in Tim Rudmans "The World of Lith Printing". Look for images by printed Alexis Neel. This batch is probably one of the last batches that will be offered anywhere, as it has been out of production for a while and many people just aren't selling their stocks. Unfortunately I have to to raise funds or I wouldn't be selling the last of my stock.

I'm offering them here and a few other places, for a week and a half from today, before they go on ebay, where I'm sure the price will go up from what I've suggested here.

Interested parties can email me directly, and discounts will be given for large quantity orders.


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