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Nov 19, 2007
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I'm a noob so bear with me:

1: I've been taking pics with no filter attached to my lens. I have 3, one says UV, one FLD, one PL. I'm not sure the differences between these filters. Should there always be a filter on?

2. I'd like to take some macro shots. Since I have a Nikon D40X I'd have to buy a AF-S lens which is expensive. To save money I'm considering buying a lens that does not auto focus. Any advice on what would be a good lens (or a couple good lens) for this?

I'd have a UV filter on just to protect the lens...... no real effect on images.

Keeps front of lens from getting scratched. Cheaper to replace a UV filter than a damaged lens.
As john said put the UV on to protect the lens.

The FLD I'm pretty sure is for fluorescent lighting, but you can control that through your White Balance in camera.

The PL may be a polarizing filter. Does it rotate? If so, it is a Circular Polarizing Filter. On a sunny day go outside and look throught the viewfinder with the sun at 90° to the lens. Screw on the PL. Does it appear that you have put sunglasses on? It is meant to emphasize color and reduce glare.

Hope that helps or somebody corrects me.
.... just because it rotates, that doesn;t mean it is a circular polarizer [which is what you need for a digital camera]. The old skool polarizers rotate as well. I remember turning it to dial in [or out] reflections or to darken the sky etc back in my film daze... Manual focus on a micro lens is really the way to go. Set it close, then move closer or farther from the subject to really dial things in. I *really* dig my 60mm 2.8 nikkor but it isn;t really what I would call inexpensive at around $450.

I would also vote for you keeping either a UV or SKYLIGHT filter on your lens all the time if anything but to protect it from scratches, etc. Plus, if you drop your lens, chances are the filter will grab the impact and break, not your glass....
You know for the price difference between the 105mm MicroNikkor AF and the 105mm MicroNikkor AF-S VR you could sell your D40 buy a D80 and still have spent the same amount of money, have autofocus... but no vibration reduction.

Don't listen to my ramblings.
UV is basically a clear filter to protect your lens.
PL is polarizer filter. It may or may not be linear or circular...figure out which it is...
FLD means "fluorescent to daylight"
You won't need this, because you would do this adjustment in your white balance setting instead, since you aren't using film.

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