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Mar 4, 2005
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Hoorn, The Netherlands
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When i was out on a walk yesterday, i also made 2 pano's (well tried) They arent perfect, but you get the idea :)


Gonna upload some bigger ones later on.
Thanks for looking
Greetz Daan
Those are very nice. The frost in the trees is great.

I can see where a few of the stitch lines are, but that can usually be cleaned up. What software did you use to stitch them?
amazing pictures. I agree with bug though, you can see some of the stitch lines, although their not that bad they're still visible
I think the first one is more well-done, I don't seen obvious stitch lines relative to the second one, in which the stitch lines are quite blatantly visible. Nice work all the same.
very cool. unlike everyone else i don't see any stitch lines?

we had the same weather here a few days ago, every tree in sight was covered in frost. made some beautiful sights
thanks for the comments everyone :)
I thought there were stitch lines in the first, but then i thought the clouds were just messing with the sky . So im not really sure about that one. But the second one, yes stitch lines....on the right side. I just had about enough of sitting behind the pc and rushed that one a bit.
The first pano is made up from 15 pics. Then i stitched them in Photoshop. Took me about 1.5 hours i think. Which is pretty long, but its not that i make a lot of pano's. So its still a learning thing.

You can see the bigger version of the first pano HERE

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