2 versions of self portrait triptych


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Apr 22, 2008
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had this idea kickin around for a bit, so lastnight during some rare free time i decided to give it a go.

not sure which version i like better.

lemme know if you like it love it hate it or dont care. :wink:



thanks for looking! :D
I like the series... mostly the first shot in the first series (top left). My only critique is that I think I'd like it more if it had a more serious tone to it. I'm also not overly nuts about the background but it's not bad.

Overall I really like the idea though.

lol...the "background" was a crappy old sheet nailed to the rafters in my basement. :D

i wish i had a wall down there with some awesome wallpaper.
that bad huh?

I just don't like Glocks. :)

Seriously though, I think the first set does more for me. I like the crazy look you have on your face in the first shot.
I just don't like Glocks. :)

what if i photoshopped a kimber in there?...lol

so al, you think these would be better as stand-alones?

thanks guys.
Well, what are you trying to say? The first one has a more edgy feel of I don't give a damn what you think with the image of the gun pointed in the viewer's face, and the second one has a "I'm tough but I'm also friendly" kind of feel to it - the smile, the caress, and the kiss in the 3 frames respectively.
I like the first set, but overall I think a more serious tone would work better. The caress & kiss are too whimsical for the subject in my opionion.

I like the processing you did as well.
Haha these are really great. I love the contrast.
I think they are great. It kind of tells people just who the hell you are, doesn't it? I also like the overall tone(color) of the photos.

BTW, when can we expect your next CD Mr. Nugent???? :lol:

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