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Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by jcharcalla, Feb 14, 2006.

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    Most of you probably don't know this but I keep every photo I take on my website indexed in my own custom database. Of course this part of my site requires a password so that not everyone can look at my birthday and other random photos. I figure if i take enough photos someday I may get a good one. Anyway a couple weeks ago I went to the Air Force museum in Dayton Ohio to take photos. When I added them to my site I realized that I was over 20,000 photos. So here it is my 20,000th image.


    Keep in mind though I havent taken all 20,000. My wife has taken a few and I have scanned some older ones. We got our 1st digital camera in 2002 and thats when the pictures started adding up. I'm also about 6 months behind on indexing my photos due to some poor coding on my part. Anyway here are a few stats from my site.

    Total photos 20083 100%
    Total rolls 333 100%
    Photos with comments 134 0.667230991386%
    Photos with people 4732 23.5622168003%
    Photos with GPS info 3091 15.3911268237%
    Photos with descriptions 2731 13.5985659513%

    Select a year: Total Photos per year:
    0000 51
    1987 4
    1988 25
    1989 45
    1994 7
    1995 15
    1996 31
    1997 27
    1998 8
    2002 1715
    2003 4976
    2004 6488
    2005 5767
    2006 924

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    Your avg's keep going up

    2004 17.78 pics per day

    2005 15.8 pics per day (ok you slumped a little)

    2006 20.533333 pics per day.....your on a record pace

    :hail: :lmao: :mrgreen: :thumbup:

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